Sunday, June 7, 2009

Leah's Last Days of School

Leah has had a wonderful year in Kindergarten, and when I asked her how she felt about being finished with the year, she said she wished she could stay in her class forever. She said she wanted her teacher to always be her teacher, I would say that's a pretty happy student. My thumb is no where near the shade of green, but for some reason my hydrangeas defy my poor gardening skills and look beautiful. For end of the year presents we took them in mixed with store bought roses for bouquets for all the teachers.
Joe giving Leah a hug on her last day.
Our air conditioner wasn't working on the last day, let's just say I told Joe I don't mind if he breaks anything as long as he can fix it, and he did. He's turning into quite the handyman, partly due to the quirky nature of our house. So, while Joe fixed the air conditioner, Laura and I took Leah up to school. Laura had been playing dress up and didn't want to change, since we don't even have to get out of the car I said that would be fine. So off we went, the kindergartner and the princess.

Later that morning, Laura had her last day of gymnastics and was so happy to see that it was going to be a free play day. The kids got to run all over the gym, tumbling, bouncing and smiling the whole time.

We headed back to Leah's school in the afternoon to pick her up, and the girls got one last time to play in the school yard.

Let Summer Begin!!!!!

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