Monday, June 8, 2009


Saturday was the real deal, official recital day. We were thrilled and relieved that the day had finally arrived. The girls dance all year for this one big performance. I volunteered to be a backstage Mom, after seeing the hustle and bustle that goes on back there I couldn't imagine sending Laura on her own. She probably would have been fine, but it eased my Mom anxiety to see it with my own eyes. I brought coloring books, snacks galore and water to try and keep the girls occupied for the hours that we were stuck in our little dressing room. They probably ate their weight in vanilla wafers and goldfish. The whole class lined up for a picture pre-show: Emma, Ava, Stella, Kennedy, Laura & Rachel
The first dance up for Laura was her ballet routine. They walked onto the stage and Laura proceeded to look for her mark. She looked, and looked and looked some more, but to no avail. Laura knew her mark was a cross(+), and she would not stop until she found it. The rest of the class did their little ballet routine while Laura searched the stage for that darn little mark. Once the dance was over and they exited offstage, I spoke with her teacher. Well, guess what, there was no cross on the stage, somehow it got rubbed off and it looked like an upside down "T" instead. It was a disappointing experience, but she didn't let it get her down too much. Personally, after I have had time to reflect on it, I think it shows a good sign that my very free spirited daughter was trying her hardest to follow the rule she had been given. Once we got back into the dressing room, I told her what had happened with her mark, and that she should now look for a "T". I drew it for her, quizzed her on it as I wanted her to have an opportunity to shine onstage for her tap routine.

On their way into the theater to do their tap routine. I couldn't take many pictures because it was a much more hurried atmosphere than the rehearsal. This time Laura went out on stage just before the rest of the class. I'm still not sure if the director told her to or she just did it on her own, but she went right to the mark that we had practiced, stood on her "T" and gave her instructor a big thumb's up sign and a wink. Ms. Pam winked right back and returned the thumbs up sign, the whole audience just loved that moment, and I did too. I was so proud of her walking right back on that stage and performing a great routine.
Filling in the extra time before the intermission when my Mom took her out to the seats to watch the rest of the recital.
Leah had wonderful performances too, and was a joy to watch. I managed to trade off with another backstage Mom in Laura's room so I was able to watch all of dances. I brought Laura up with me to see Leah do her jazz routine. This was Leah's third year, so she is almost an old pro on the stage.
The girls were trying their best to fill all of the time, this is one of their trains they made.
I got a call on my cell right after intermission from my Mom that Laura had been about as patient as she could be, and they called it a night with her. At the conclusion of the recital which included 61 dance numbers, everyone was called back on stage for the finale, including all of the backstage Moms. It gives us a small glimpse at what they face when they step on that stage.

We all met up at my Mom's after the recital for some dinner. I had fun making bouquets to give to the girls, just a little gesture to let them know how proud we are of them.

Giving hugs goodnight after a very long day/night. Both girls have said they want to do dance next year, so I guess we'll be doing all of this again.

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