Saturday, May 30, 2009

Party like a kid

This entry is a little out of order, but I'm a little out of whack I guess trying to keep up with end of the year activities. I forgot about all of these pictures. A couple of weeks ago we had a weekend full of kids' parties, and it was nice for each girl to have one to go to. One of Laura's blossoming skills is not only does she dresses herself, but she picks out outfits like this. Now I haven't even thought of putting this shirt and shorts together. I realize it's a simple thing, but I was kind of impressed with her style at four years old.

Leah's party was on Saturday and was for Tyler, one of her former pre-K classmates. We had a fun afternoon at the local arcade.
Gavin agreed to give Leah a ride on his motorcycle game.
I love at the end of the video where Leah says if Gavin had a real motorcycle, she would give it away.

Laura's party was on Sunday at the bowling alley for her classmate, Isabel. Here is another fashionable ensemble she found in her drawers.
She was proud of writing Isabel's name on the card, and especially of the drawing she did of she and Isabel.


Dad said...

Leah has never been real fond of speed. Unlike Laura, she doesn't even like to ride on the four wheeler.

Jen said...

The video was hilarious! I almost forgot how much fun they had. We should take them back sometime soon!