Sunday, May 31, 2009

Leah's Kindergarten Graduation

Friday was our chance to congratulate Leah and her whole class on their year filled with accomplishments. Her teacher organized a wonderful day for the class and their families, giving each child a special award that highlighted their talents. I have been fortunate enough to have the time to volunteer quite a bit in the classroom this year, so I felt especially proud of the kids. I have watched them blossom into quite a wonderful group of children. The cake that had the class picture on it.
Laura always loves coming to Leah's school, and especially when she gets to play on the big kid playground. The whole class has welcomed her into their group and play wonderfully with her. Here Dad is sitting with her on the bench in the playground. My family is kind of a package deal, you get one of us, you get us all. My Dad has been up at the school most Friday's running with Leah in the Miler Club, and has also helped out in the classroom with various projects.

Gavin, Leah & Myneshia

Laura sat down at the desks and went right to work with the rest of the class.

My Mom was also a dedicated volunteer in Leah's class this year. All of the kid's know us, some by name and others we are "Hey Leah's Grandmother or Hey Leah's Mom".

The teacher had Leah and another student, Naja, read a few words for the volunteers. It was so touching to hear such kind words coming from the girls. You might have to turn it up as they were a little quiet.

Dad looking at the books that Jen had given the whole class at Christmas time with Myneshia and JaNeja. They turned into quite the beautiful keepsake journals that the kids gave their parents at the graduation party.

The class had learned this song just the day before the program. I thought they did pretty well, and it was so cute to watch them perform.

With the kids' awards they also received one of these cute little statues from their teacher.
Leah receiving her award for "Best Writer".

Laura finding a comforting hug from her Grandmother. Sometimes it's so hard to be 4 years old!
Checking out after the program.

Me & my girls.
After the lost camera we had to purchase a new one so we could capture all of the milestones approaching as the school year ends. I was playing around with the features at my Mom's house after the program and came across one that enhanced certain colors. It worked pretty well with their black and white dresses, with just a hint of yellow.

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Jen said...

Cute video of the song. I have a picture of Leah giving you your volunteer award. Thanks again for creating the video to music and photo CDs for the class. That was my favorite part of the ceremony :) Where's Leah's old-timey photo? Are you being bashful over there? Display your hard work :)