Friday, May 29, 2009

Gymnastics Time!

I've been working on class projects for Leah and catching up with family, and I have fallen so far behind on this blog. I'll try to catch everyone up on what we've been up to. Recently Laura had her Sports Festival Day at Gymnastics, where she got the chance to show us what she has learned. I saw on that day that Laura is a child that is going to shine when the pressure is on, she performed so much better than she has ever practiced. We were all very proud of her efforts. Here she is with one of her sweet coaches, Cindy, who is so patient with Laura.

This is Laura's favorite thing so far, pushing up and flipping over the bar. I'm sure there are technical terms for all of this, but other than studying the Olympic gymnasts, I am not very well versed in this sport. If the girls stick with it, I'm sure I'll pick up the lingo.
Laura with Elijah and Coach Cindy

The two big girls received Teddy bears with special uniforms on and medals. It was a very exciting moment.

Laura showing Coach Kris her medal. Even though Laura has only taken classes since January, I can see that Coach Kris can make a big difference in her attitude. She nailed Laura's personality the first day we were there. She realized that when she gets upset it's not a tantrum, it's the disappointment she has in herself when she can't perform every task perfectly. She told me that this is a hard personality to coach, but if they can push past that they tend to become champions.
Laura was so proud.

A rewarding lunch for my little gymnast at McDonald's.

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