Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday in Paradise

Saturday was one of those days that reminds us why we love to live here in Florida. We were living up to our title of "Sunshine State". We started out the day seeing the new movie "Up" in 3-D. We all gave it thumbs up! It starts out in kind of a somber tone, but the laughs balance that out as the movie continues. The girls came away quoting the talking dog, Doug and imitating the bird, Kevin. Here they are taking our ride on the free trolley around the shopping center.
After the movies we made our way to the beach, no better way to spend such a beautiful day.

The water was calm enough to let the girls play in the water. Joe and I did take turns hovering around them to make sure they were safe. They enjoyed bobbing up and down with the waves. Just to put the icing on the cake, we saw a pod of dolphins playing out just past the sandbar.
We finished the day at Mellow Mushroom, enjoying the best pizza on the planet.

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