Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Disney, Day Three~Epcot~

The third day of our trip brought us even another reason to celebrate, it was Joe's birthday. He chose Epcot has the park to celebrate his special day. Since we already had the season passes, he chose to get the fast passes for his birthday present from Disney World. You do know about that perk this year, if you go on your birthday you can get free entry, 6 fast passes, or $75 in Disney dollars. Since the whole family was looking forward to Soarin, one of the most popular rides at all of the Disney parks, the fast passes were worth their weight in gold!

The girls gave their Daddy his cards to start off the day. He also got a shirt from my parents, and I had found some Disney Imagineering books to prep him for the trip and I had also bought him a snazzy beach chair, which we have already put to good use.

Since it was still early, and we knew we wouldn't have to worry about Soarin, we headed to see the Nemo ride and Turtle Talk with Crush and enjoy all of sea life.

Laura was interested in the Kidcot stop here and enjoyed decorating her passport necklace.
Mom giving Laura a better view of the tanks.
The birthday boy!
Standing in line for Soarin.

Loaded up on the ride, if you haven't made it to this one it's awesome. Such a smooth ride, makes you feel like you are flying. My mom who has hand glided in New Zealand said it's a similar feeling. My favorite part is gliding over the orange tree field and smelling the scent as it whiffs through the air.

Another ride Joe's fast passes helped us on was Test Track. Originally everyone was planning on riding, but the closer we got to the building, and the louder the cars sounded as they raced around the outside, the less enthusiastic the girls were. Eventually they decided they would rather sit it out, so the guys went first and then Mom and I took our turns. It had been a while since I had ridden this one, so it was probably good that they sat it out. After the ride Mom and I met them and the kids had found another way to stay entertained.

I really had no idea that Epcot had made a whole Tinkerbell and friends section during their Flower Festival, but I guess the girls were dressed pretty appropriately for the day.
It felt like it was 100+ degrees, especially on the astro turf surrounding the Tinkerbell garden, but the girls still insisted on investigating every corner and reading every little sign.

They had a little art station across from the garden, and the girls had fun coloring their cards, and the employee sprinkled fairy dust on them and then laminated them. It was a very nice little keepsake to take home to remember the day.

On the way out of the park we stopped at Spaceship Earth and enjoyed the peaceful, air-conditioned, ride.

Since it such a sweltering day we decided to head back to the condo for a swim. We had reservations at Chefs de France later, so we were hoping that with the rest the girls would be able to make it back for dinner. On the way to the car the girls managed to get lifts from the guys.

By the time we returned the sun was setting, and we all felt pretty human again. My Mom and Dad posing for their pesky photographer daughter. We were so glad to have them join us on this trip, and it's priceless for the girls to have the chance to build these memories.
Here my parents are with the girsl, relaxing while we were waiting to be called for our table. Joe had scanned the restaurants and picked Chefs de France for his birthday dinner. I think the last time I had been there was when I was in 8th grade and we were on a field trip with the band. France seemed to be one of the most popular draws back then, and I can remember allot of the kids ordering Escargot. I think it was such a novelty, and I'm sure there were a bunch of uneaten snails left on the plates. That seemed like a lifetime ago, as I was sitting there with my husband and two girls.

Laura was fascinated by our waitresses accent, and wanted to learn some French. I have a very limited knowledge, just what I remember my sister learning in junior high school I think. I think I know how to say, "Parlez vous francais?", "Merci bocu", "Bon Jour" and "Au Revoir"...all of which I just had to google to figure out how to spell them. So here Laura is working on "Bon Jour".

To finish off the night the waiters brought out Joe's dessert singing "Happy Birthday", in French of course.

After a wonderful dinner, we walked right outside and enjoyed the spectacular fireworks.

A beautiful night at Epcot!
Next up...Disney Movie Studios

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