Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last Day at Disney~Movie Studios

What could be more fitting to start out a day where we would be at the Movie Studios, a place where imagination rules, than to play dress up in their brand new costumes. Leah played the role of Tinkerbell and Laura was Jasmine. It was going to be our last day at the parks, and we had plenty of time to let them pretend. It also happened to be Mother's Day, and spending it with my own Mom and the rest of the family at Disney World was perfect for me.

The girls starting out their day in the stroller which they had become quite accustomed to.
Me & my Mom
The girls scoping out the parks, they each reach for a map as we enter the parks now. They know the routine.

Our first stop was the Playhouse Disney Show.

Laura having fun dancing with Mickey.

Next we headed over to the Muppet's 3-D movie. The girls get a kick out of it, and it brings Joe and I back to when we were kids and watching the Muppet's on TV.

I finally remembered to bring coins so they could make their wishes.
All the girls.
We had gone earlier to the Toy Story Mania ride and got our fast passes so after a delicious and entertaining lunch at the Sci-Fi Diner we headed straight to the ride. This ride ties with Soarin for the girls' favorite, and it's fun for adults too with the added 3-D element.

Watching the Pixar characters' parade.

Our last show of the day was Beauty and the Beast. It's so well done, and the whole family enjoyed it. Mom scooted across the aisle to get a little more I think, either that or she didn't want to be stuck with us crazies. Laura followed her over, and I think she was getting tired of me taking pictures by the look on her face.
We had a great trip, and can't wait to go again!

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