Sunday, May 17, 2009

Disney, Day Two ~ Magic Kingdom~

Day two of our trip was spent the very Magical Kingdom. It's the highlight of any trip when you're traveling with two little princesses. Here the girls are on the Monorail headed to the park.We learned on our last trip that the will let you "wake up" Tinkerbell in her store near Fantasyland. Here the girls have just rung the bell together to wake her up, and she flies to the front and waves at the girls on a screen.
They had some plywood up all around the entrance to The Small World ride, and it almost looked closed. Luckily we peeked on through the opening, and not only was it open, it was completely empty and we just walked right onto the ride. Now that's a great way to start out a day at the Magic Kingdom!

After that quick ride, we strolled over to the castle where we were having breakfast with Cinderella. Now, I know all of this is for the children, but I have to admit I was excited to see inside the castle too.
After a few minutes we were escorted up a winding staircase, past stained glass windows, into a beautiful dining room. The girls had been given magic wands at check-in, and somehow my Mom also got one, and at the start of breakfast an announcement came over the castle directing all of us to make a wish and wave your wands.

All of the Princesses made a grand entrance and as they were dancing around the room, Snow White stopped to talk to the girls.
Here they are closing their eyes, and making a wish with their wands and magic stars.

Their first princess autograph from Sleeping Beauty, Princess Aurora.

Followed by Snow White.


And finally Jasmine, who must have made quite the impression especially on Laura, as she pretended to be her for most of the trip.

As we finished breakfast and descended the staircase, we took our turn to take pictures with the star of the show, Cinderella.
You can't beat breakfast with the Princesses to put a smile on their faces.

Flying high with Dumbo.

The girls lasted quite a while walking the park, but the 94 degree day was taking their energy away quickly. Mom saved the day with the double stroller she rented, and we followed suit for the remainder of the trip. We thought we were done with strollers after they easily made their way around in February, but I guess the chilly weather must have given them some extra pep to their step.
My Dad and Joe took the girls on the tea cups and had a blast.

The girls appreciated the stroller.
Taking a break in Minnie's house.
After the Tiki Room, the girls dashed through the water fountains and cooled off a bit.

Since we were all melting from the heat, it seemed like a perfect time to hit Splash Mountain. We have been listening to the CD of music from the parks for several years, so the girls were very familiar with the music associated with this ride, and I had also tried to prepare them by showing them videos on YouTube. They both felt like they were ready and were looking forward to the this ride. It was a good thing we had fast passes, because as we were whizzing through the line Laura started to mention that she didn't think she wanted to ride after all, I think if we would have had to stop at all, she would have exited for sure. We all piled in the already soaked seats and floated down the path. We took the first few dips in stride, and as we approached the part of the ride that circles in front of the big drop, we saw how everyone gets so wet. It's really not the big drop at the end that does it, but as the previous logs are plummeting down, water fans out over your log and drenches you. But, the good part about that is you don't have to worry about the drop anymore. As we approached the steep drop we tried to reassure Laura, but she was not buying it. We dropped down the hill, and about a third of the way down, I thought to myself, "Wow, this is a bigger drop than I remember from years past." Probably not the kind of thing I should be thinkin as my four year old is contemplating whether or not she will ever trust her parents again. At the end of the ride she was quite disturbed, and it must have taken at least 15 minutes before she said she loved it, and that it was her favorite thing she had done all day.

As we were heading out of the park, we saw the train, and all thought it would be a perfect end to the day.


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