Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let the sun shine!

The girls' Spring Break was this week, but unfortunately the weatherman didn't get the memo. Monday was a beautifully sunny day, and knowing it was going to be rare this week, we took advantage of it and headed for the zoo. Along the way we gathered several friends and their kids to join us.

As you can see the girls were very happy to be there. They could hear the howler monkeys as soon as we walked into the zoo, and that brought the giggles.
The petting animals are always fun for the kids. Here's some of our crew feeding the cow.
Leah, Ramon, Laura, Vivi & Tucker

Their are peacocks roaming free all over the zoo grounds, and the kids were all taking much delight in trying to talk to them. This one responded by presenting his full tail, it was a very impressive sight.
The kids enjoying the response they got from the peacock.
Hamming it up in the raccoon cut-out.
Laura, Leah & Ramon watching the orangutans.
The baby, isn't he just the cutest?

Laura & Vivi riding the zebra.
Our traditional posing spot each time we visit the Zoo.

It was a great day, capped off by a delicious lunch at a local Italian restaurant that Vanessa spotted. The host was smart enough to give us our own room. When a waiter hears there will be eleven people, and that includes 7 kids, they know they might want to give us a little space. It is a good thing we enjoyed that day, because we have spent the rest of Spring Break held up in the house, watching the rains pour down everyday. We are excited to see another break in the weather tomorrow and plan to spend the day outside.

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