Sunday, March 29, 2009

What we've been up to...

Wednesday, Laura had her Pre-school Circus performance. She was an acrobat and was very excited to perform her skills they had been working on. Here is the class getting ready to go on stage.
Zachary, Cee Cee & Laura
This is when she spotted all of us in the audience. And when I say all of us, I mean me, Joe, Leah, who had been checked out of school for this special performance, and my parents. We do kind of take up a lot of space whenever either of the girls has a special event, you get one, you get all of us.
Laura with Ms. Moon, a wonderful music teacher at the Pre-school.

Laura carrying the plates across the stage, as her teacher keeps a watchful eye on the kids in the background.

The whole class ready to take a bow.

Laura giving Granddaddy hugs.
It seems to be a tradition to head to Denny's after the school functions. The highlight of that visit for the girls are the chocolate milkshakes.

Later that day I got the girls to pose for some pictures with our house dressed up for Spring.

Laura has been battling a cough for the last month, and even on medicines it still wasn't going away. So we went back to her doctor for one more visit, finding out everything was great and that he thought she was on her way to being better. On our way out of the building I noticed the helicopter getting ready for lift-off right across the road at the hospital.
We found it very exciting to be so close to it taking off.
Thursday Laura and I braved some serious storms to head out to gymnastic's class. We were one of only three kids that managed to paddle their way to the gym. Laura practicing her "Ta Da" that she is supposed to do after she lands any movements.
Cutie Pie!
Friday was a teacher work day, and still raining, so finding something to do while burning off some of their endless energy was a must. We went to the indoor bouncy place and the girls ran around for almost two hours, mission accomplished!

Saturday morning, Laura colored an entire piece of paper blue, declaring that it was the ocean. Then she asked me to draw some sea animals on it, all the while I was wondering why we were doing all of this. After I was done drawing she asked me to get some of her class projects off of her art wall. The seahorse and the whale, and then she was going to do a play, with the paper being her scenery. This girl has drive and direction, at four!

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Jen said...

You ended up with some great Circus pictures. I also like the picture of you and your mom with the girls.