Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just another day at the beach-Saturday

Okay, this subject might seem a bit redundant, but since we live five minutes from the beach it's a great escape for the whole family. Also the girls are at a great age, and love to jump in the waves and build grand sandcastles. The even wanted to help wheel our beach stroller.
It was another red flag day, which usually means rip currents and dangerous water conditions. The girls know they can only play up to their knees when it's like that, but they were lucky enough to have a little pool of water to play in on shore.

I bought Joe a beach chair for an early birthday present, and it looked so good, I bought myself one too. I approve!
The girls' creation, decorated with all the treasures that Laura found on the beach. When we first arrived at the beach she found a big piece of driftwood, and she said "This will be a perfect drawbridge!"
My handsome husband, looking cool in his shades.

It was a very windy day, you can see the rough waves and the sailboats taking advantage of the conditions.
We went for a late lunch at a new place, The Camellia Grill. Joe and I have been to the original in New Orleans, and were excited to try the newest version near us.
The Harbor walk, we enjoyed walking down the walkway and seeing the fishing boats bringing in their catches. The girls watched them pull the massive amounts of fish out and line them up on the board. We left just before they started cutting, I wasn't sure exactly how much they wanted to see.

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