Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Laura's 12 Dancing Princesses Party

Saturday was the big day that Laura had been thinking about for months, her Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Party. I'm not sure if it's my mistake giving them the option of choosing their own birthday themes, both girls have managed to pick movies so out of date that I've had to hit E-bay to get party supplies. And while I'm on that topic, who has the money and time to horde children's party supplies in hopes that some desperate mom(like me) comes along and just has to have that last Barbie Poster. I'm not complaining, and am very glad that someone does it, I just think it's a little odd. So with the help of my Internet searching knowledge, we had a 12 Dancing Princess Party!

Here are the girls arriving at the house, my parents had whisked them away for a few hours so Joe and I could finish decorating. They went straight for the chocolate chip cookies, they are my girls after all.
Laura's Barbie Cake
My Mom helping Laura with her new presents.
Laura got to open a present before the party from her Aunt Janet and family. The Thumbelina doll and movie were a huge hit!
Laura greeting Kati and her sister Tatiana.
We had a beautiful day and the kids had free run of the backyard.

Laura and Vivian
Opening presents, we had quite a bit of help.
Cake time. Leah, Riley, Emma, Laura, Kennedy & Tatiana
Happy Birthday to you Laura!
The kids in the tent enjoying their cake and ice cream.
Leah trying to hit the pinata with Daddy's help.
Zachary trying to hit it, while Joe helps and Mom tries to keep the kids back out of the batting zone.
Laura said she had a great day and loved her party. She's already got the next couple of years planned, first a Nemo party and then a Barbie Princess and the Pauper Party. I guess I better get my E-bay searches ready!


Pam said...

Such fun :-). Did you notice that in the last picture that Barbie has your Dad's legs?

Amanda said...

That's funny Pam, I hadn't even noticed it. That's quite the combination.

Natalie said...

Thanks for inviting us to the party! Kennedy loved it, and she has been on a sugar buzz since!!! We had a great time with the 3-D chalk too! Thanks for sharing the pictures. Laura is such a lucky girl to have SO many birthday parties!! If you want, you can check our blog too. I haven't gotten around to posting the pictures I took at dance the other week, but I might have some of Laura too.