Sunday, March 22, 2009

Laura's "real" Birthday

It took a little explaining to convince Laura that she was really 4 on March 18th. When she woke up, I went into her room and she asked, "Mommy are you going to decorate my room for my 12 Dancing Princesses Party?" I told her that her party was going to be Saturday with her friends, but that this was her "real" birthday. Leah had been practicing playing "Happy Birthday" on the piano all week, and when she tried to play it for Laura, she kept saying "It's not my birthday today!" She was so sad that I gave in and brought out one of her presents. After that, she believed that indeed it was her "real" birthday, and the day went on very happily for her.

Laura, how old are you?
Opening her first present of the day.
Kissing her Daddy good-bye.Arriving at school.
She got to wear the special Birthday Girl crown at school.
Playing with her friends Kati and Emily on the playground.

I gave Laura the choice of what do to after school and she picked going to the Fired Up pottery store where you get to paint your own pottery. We went there over the Christmas break and the girls loved it and have been asking to go back ever since then.
Laura chose a magical wand to paint.
Leah chose the little hatchling and painted it in pastel Easter colors.

For dinner we went over to my parents' house where we were also joined by Uncle Bud, Aunt Janet and Aunt Peggy. Laura was a lucky little girl to have all of this family surrounding her for her Birthday. Here she is posing with a balloon that her school friend Vivian gave to her, she was thrilled with it.

Laura gave the best reactions to each present she opened. I scoured Amazon and E-bay for 12 Dancing Princess toys, they were not easy to come by, but the reaction made it all worthwhile.
Leah even got a present that she had been eyeing. I've been trying to explain to her that usually you don't get presents on other people's birthdays. She said she understood that, and I can't blame her for trying.

Uncle Bud & Aunt Janet brought Laura this jumbo bag of pecans. She loves Uncle Bud's Pecans, and she can even tell the difference between store bought and Uncle Bud's. She's got quite the discerning tastes for a four year old little girl.

Giving Uncle Bud a big hug.
Aunt Peggy got her own special hug as well.
And then it was the bike's turn for a hug. My parents got Laura this bike, and she was so excited.

Playing with her Tinkerbell teapot house.
Grandmother and Leah getting into the party spirit.
Laura modeling her new Sleeping Beauty dress that Mom-Mom and Pop-pop sent her. She loved it, and wore it all the way home.


Jen said...

As usual... Great pictures! Looks like Laura has enjoyed quite a bit of celebrating. I can't wait to see her party pictres! You're keeping up with your blog so well.

Pam said...

What a big day!

Natalie said...

I Love love LOVE the birthday girl shirt. Too cute. Was that Gymboree??
What a lucky little girl!