Friday, March 27, 2009

Same Birthday-Different Perspective

I've kidnapped my Dad's camera and thought I would post some shots he got of Laura's Birthday festivities. Here's Aunt Peggy with Laura.Mom & Laura enjoying a moment.
Excited to see her first round of presents.
Dad, Aunt Peggy and Uncle Bud

Birthday at our house. Only "one" cookie...yeah right.
Jen gave us some cute blocks that rotate with the holidays, and was even good enough to remind me about the Birthday one. It was perfect!
Laura making her Birthday Wish.
Some of the wonderful friends that helped us celebrate Laura's Birthday.
Riley and Leah enjoying their cake in the private kid tent.
Ramon whacking the pinata.
Leah's turn.
Laura loves art, and finds any way to do it. Here she is enjoying the chalk.

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