Monday, March 9, 2009

Afternoon Vacation

The boys, meaning my husband and Dad, agreed to exchange a broken washer in the guest house for a working pair that my parents had. So since there is only so many hands that can work on a project like that, Mom and I took the girls out for an afternoon at a local resort to enjoy the beautiful day.

We had a great lunch at Acme Oyster House, we have quite the New Orleans influence in our area. Afterwards the girls had fun playing on their park.

The girls both had some of their own money in hand, ready to spend. They searched the toy store until they found just the perfect little stuffed animals. It was quite the exciting experience to have their own money to use.
Laura exclaimed, "This is my receipt, I love my receipt." So fun! I wish it was still as much fun to spend my own money.
The girls on the bridge to the island playground with their prized animals.

Mom chilling on the swing.
Practicing their balance beam skills.

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