Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friday with the girls

Laura enjoys our Friday's, because she gets lots of time with her big sister. Here they are playing in the school yard after school. People do stare at us kind of funny, and probably wonder why we are hanging out after school has let out. I imagine that they think we live in a closed up space with no land to play on, but apparently our 7 acres just aren't the same as the magical school yard.
Leah had it in her mind Friday morning that when she came home she wanted to draw with the 3-D chalk too. I think sometimes she feels like she is missing out while she is at school, she hears about Laura's gymnastics, trips to McD's, story time, etc..and wishes she could be there too.
We were so proud of Leah, she garnered the treasured "Dynamite Dolphin" status again this week. It's an acknowledgement that the school gives one child from each grade class every Friday, rotating so that every child gets a chance. This week the characteristic they chose to honor was "courteous". It was over 70 degrees, but apparently she wore her jacket, zipped to the top, all day so that she could keep her dynamite dolphin sticker on.

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