Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've just got a hodgepodge of pictures following our Disney trip, mostly around Valentine's activities. All the children in Leah's class had to decorate a box to collect all of their Valentine's in, and this is what she came up with.

Here Laura is heading to her class for her Valentine's Day Party. She had been sick following our trip, so I was glad she was feeling better for her party. Some of the flowers we took to the girls' teachers.
Laura, Carlie, Vivian
Kati, Laura, Carlie, Vivian, Emily
While the kids were having their party, I was at a going away breakfast for Carlie's mom, Sandi. They are heading to Colorado soon, and we will miss them.
Valentine's Day. Leah requested heart-shaped pancakes. This was my best attempt.
Laura gave me some insight to what she did in music class on Friday, when she organized these chairs all around the room. It took her a while to remember the words, but when we finally hit on "musical chairs", she said, "Yeah! That's it!" So the girls and I took our turns around the chairs trying for the last one.
Sunday, we went to Firehouse Subs for lunch and when we returned this sign was on our door.
The girls were thrilled to recieve their little Valentine gifts from this mystery cupid. We now know a big thanks goes out Jen and family.
My parents gave us these beautiful Tulips, my favorite!
And my sweet husband brought me these georgous roses.
Leah wanted to wear her crown that she had made at school that week. Of course, as soon as Laura saw it, she had to have one too. Leah deemed herself the Queen of Valentine, and Laura was the Princess.

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