Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disney World - Dinner with Cinderella

I made reservations for 7:45 on our last night to have dinner with Cinderella at the Grand Floridian's Park Fair 1900 Restaurant. When we came home from Animal Kingdom, I thought I would just let the girls rest and watch a movie for a little while. They were having none of that, and even after walking the parks for 4 days, they still had too much energy to be pent up in a hotel room. So, I took them for a stroll across the property over to the playground. They had a great time running around, pretending to be fairies and then my little ponies. Sometimes I think they intimidate other children when they are really into their fantasy play, but they have the best time. After the playground time, we headed back to the room to get ready for our evening. The girls got dressed in their Cinderella dresses, and donned their jewelry and I put a little make-up on for this extra special evening.
Every time we left or came home to the room, Laura always wanted to ride the elevator, and Leah wanted to walk the stairs. Of course, Leah beat us every time, but Laura never gave up hope that we could win on that elevator. Here she is as we were riding down to the car for dinner.
Walking to the car, it was pretty chilly, so I had to take a quick one. We had their jackets in the car, but Laura had to borrow mine half-way there. She said very dramatically, " I can't take it anymore", referring to the cold.

We made our way to the Grand Floridian, a beautifully impressive hotel. We were directed to the restaurant, where even after having reservations, we had to stand in line to check in and receive a pager. Everything at Disney involves lines! So while we were waiting, the girls enjoyed the music from the piano in the lobby, and Joe took the opportunity to dance with his girls.

Taking a dip.
Once our pager lit up, we made our way to the restaurant and were led to our table. As we came through the double doors, the girls saw the step-sisters and step-mother. I heard both of them gasp in astonishment, and I bent down to see them, and their mouths were dropped wide open. They were in disbelief that the characters had come alive from their cartoon they had watched so many times, and were standing right there in front of them.
The first character to make their way to our table was Prince Charming. He lived up to his name. He said:
"Good evening princesses, did your Fairy Godmother make you those beautiful gowns?"
The girls were just looking at him with a blank stare, so he continued..."Oh no, I guess the mice must have been very busy then." It was so cute, referring to the mice trying to make her gown with the borrowed pearls, ribbons, etc...
He asked, "May I take a picture with you fair princesses then?"
Next was Cinderella herself. She was very sweet to the girls and complimented them on how pretty they looked. Here Cinderella is helping Leah get out of her chair.
All three princesses together.
Anastasia, Cinderella's step-sister. She commented that their necklaces were beautiful and be careful around Cinderella that she might steal them, like she took their beads in the movie. She was very playful with the girls and entertaining.
The true star of the show might be the Step-mother. She arrived at our table, and looked at Leah with quite the intimidating stare. She said in a very monotone, serious voice, " What's your name?" Leah muttered her name, and the step-mother said, " Leah, hmm, I like it." And she went on to ask Laura, and said "Laura, yes that's a nice name as well." She asked Leah why she didn't have any broccoli on her plate and told her she would need to eat her vegetables. Then she took this picture, the look on her face is priceless.
Drizella was the last to come by, and like her sister, was very entertaining. I think Laura wasn't quite sure what to think of these crazy girls.

I was pleasantly surprised that the food was delicious. When you book a dinner based on the characters, you never know what kind of food to expect. Laura and I both liked their idea of putting salt on their butter, is there a better combination for a salt-aholic like myself? I don't think so. Laura even ate Chicken Marsala, I was impressed with her adventurous palate. We ended the evening with delicious desserts that made me wish I had brought a better purse to take some treats home. I couldn't figure how to sneak any of their over-the-top chocolate chip cookies out, so I just tried to sample as much as I could.
As we were starting to make our way out they started the Cinderella and Prince Charming Dance, and some of the other guests joined in. When we were nearing the door we got to see Cinderella again, and Drizella was just to her side. It was funny, Drizella was wishing us well, and saying good-bye to the girls, but Cinderella was oblivious to us as she was taking pictures with some other guests. Drizella teased, "That's just like Cinderella, she can only focus on one thing at a time. " Drizella led us to the door and even opening it, playing around like she was a glorified doorman.
A quick picture with my girls after a fabulous dinner.
While the valet was retrieving our car, the girls played on the white carriage they have just outside the lobby. I think that just added to the idea of being princesses for the night.

That concluded our Disney trip, and it was a memorable event. We can't wait to do it again!

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