Thursday, February 19, 2009

The rest of the week...

Here are a couple pictures after we returned from Disney, the girls were just flowing with Disney tales for their grandparents.Laura couldn't even sit still, she was just too excited!
We took Hunter to the Vet to get his teeth cleaned. I've had dogs all my life, but not vet has ever suggested dental care. Hunter's breath suggested that he might need it, and now he has a beautiful smile!
Leah lost her second front tooth this week. Here she is showing it to Laura.
They can be the sweetest sisters sometimes.

Here's the magic orange purse that has carried four teeth off to the tooth fairy now. Each time Leah has been thrilled to receive her coins.
Sparkle Lily isn't too fond of the real thing, but one day she found this little dog on the ground, and was cozied up to it. I thought it was kind of ironic.
Sunday we went to a local seafood restaurant to get a chance to hear Leah's new piano teacher perform on the deck. Yes this is becoming a very familiar shot of the girls, Joe should have strong shoulders.

Dad took a stroll with the girls on the docks behind the restaurant.

The girls felt the need to shower their Grandparents with kisses.
Leah's new piano teacher, does she look like a bunch of fun or what? Leah has had two lessons, and is thoroughly enjoying it. I have listened to their band for years, and thought it was so neat to have such a talented performer teaching Leah.

Monday, we spent part of our President's Day off at the track and the girls got another chance to play at their playground.

The girls made up their own game of racing to the slide and trying to run all the way to the top.

Joe caught me playing too.

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