Monday, February 23, 2009

Mud Puddles

Friday, I had to go over to the barn with girls in tow to meet up with our Vet for the horses' annual shots. There just so happened to be perfectly mushy mud puddles in the arena from our recent rains. I was keeping an eye on the girls as they made their way to the arena. First, they
kind of circled around the muddy area, getting closer with each step. I told them it was okay, that they could play in the mud since they had their barn shoes on. After the shock wore off that I actually said yes, they started stomping. Just walking through wasn't good enough, they squealed in delight as each of them tried to out stomp the other. I didn't have my camera with me at the barn, but as we neared the house, I ran to my car to retrieve it.
Here are the girls running towards me.

A few shots of my muddy princesses.


Dad said...

Hey, they harldy seem mudy at all.
Remember your trip into Shelta Cave?? That's what I consider to be muddy.

Amanda said...

There was a little too much water to get it to really stick, but you would have been proud of their muddy little selves I'm sure.