Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm enjoying my escapism television tonight. Leah even sat down with me for a little while, and enjoyed seeing the pretty dresses as the actresses arrived. She saw Miley Cyrus and we both agreed her dress was very pretty. My girls are not into the Hannah Montana thing, but they do recognize the name, and it kept her interest long enough to get to see more arriving fashions.She asked how old she was and I said 16. She said, oh she's old enough to date. I said, Oh really, where did you hear that? She said she saw it on a tv show, and when you're 16 you can go out on dates with boys. I really have to be careful what that girl is seeing.
The Oscars have been very enjoyable, and Hugh Jackman seems to add a good spark to the show. Going back to my date with Hollywood....

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