Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend in the Parks

The weather was still a little chilly, but beautiful last weekend. Our whole house was practically coughing in unison on Saturday, but the girls begged us to go to a park on Saturday, so we obliged. This park is located in just a picture perfect location.

There is a stage on the property, for local events, and the girls always enjoy putting on their own productions. This time they were both fairies, one was Tinkerbell and the other was one of her friends. The remembered most of the new Tinkerbell, and renacted it, including chosing their talents.

I can't believe I caught them in this hug.

I guess Leah was inspired by our recent Disney trip. She pointed to me, and said "You, you've been chosen, please come to the stage and receive your reward."
I was the lucky recipient of all the treasures they had collected. A wide variety of sticks, leaves and rocks.Laura taking a bow.
Sunday we did our regular trip to the track/park.
We are so busy during the week, and they don't get a lot of play time together, so I think that makes our family time even more enjoyable.

Laura is getting ready to add Gymnastics to her schedule, so she was trying to get a little beam practice time in.

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