Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disney World - Magic Kingdom

Each morning we peaked our heads out our room's door to see what the weather was like. It was almost unbelievable that this morning was actually colder than the one before. I lived in Orlando when I was 18 years old, during the winter months, and I do realize that it can get cold. But I didn't really expect to plan our Disney trip on the the official coldest days of the winter. So we added a couple extra layers and a scarf too, and off we went to the Magic Kingdom.
It didn't take long for Leah to tire of the little tiara headbands I bought them, I tried them on for a little while. Where else could I get away with that, if not in the Magic Kingdom?
Laura's legs must have had a hard time warming up, because she was right up on Daddy's shoulders as soon as we entered the park. It was short lived, because there was just too much to see and do to stay up there.
We headed straight to Fantasy Land, as that is where all of the kid little kid rides are. Walking in, the Tea Cups are the first thing you see, and Laura said, "I want to the Tea Cups, I'm not scared this time!" So we took advantage of her bravery and hopped on, all four of us in one cup. I think I was the only one holding back the full force spinning, as everyone else loved it. I am not a round and round ride, kind of girl, but I did survive and Laura came off saying, "I'm as brave as a knight!" That was one of her favorite phrases for the weekend, and if she didn't like something she would say "I was a little bit scaredy-cat on that one."

Leah was actually dancing in the street, times like that make all the effort of planning such a trip worth it.

In line for one of the rides.

Joe with Laura on the Peter Pan ride. I was trying to get a picture of them throughout the ride, and Leah and I dying laughing at my efforts. I have a couple more, one with a foot, one with a hand, so I felt quite successful finally getting one.
Time-outs are for sissys.

A picture of the beautiful boat that circles Tom Sawyer's Island. We were amazed at the boat captain steering such a gigantic vessel in such a tiny space.
Playing around on Tom Sawyer's Island.
Waiting for the raft to come get us to go back to the mainland.

Outside of the Tiki Room.

Watching the "Dreams come true" performance on the stage in front of the Castle. At the end of the show they ask the audience to repeat "dreams come true" to keep the magic alive, and Laura said that she dreamed us saying "Dreams come true" nights later, so they do actually remember what they see.

One of Leah's request for this trip was to see Spectromagic so we planned our trip to be at the Magic Kingdom on the right night. It was a beautiful spectacle and the girls enjoyed it.

Back at the hotel, the girls throwing coins in the fountain.
Sitting with their treasured souvenirs for the day, Leah got Sleeping Beauty and Laura got Tinkerbell. They had seen these almost the first of the day at Tinkerbell's shop, where the girls were dusted with Magical Fairy Dust and were allowed to call Tinkerbell by ringing the shop's special bell. It was really a wonderful way to start the day. We told them we would get the dolls later, thinking it would save having to carry them around, little did we know we would circle the whole park just to try and find these dolls again before the end of the night.
We told the girls they could get a dessert at the hotel's restaurant, and what did they chose after a long chilly day at the park? Ice cream of course!
The girls' animals greeting us from the window as we arrived home for the night.
Next up...Epcot


Jen said...

There's not many people in the background of these pictures... It looks lik you had the whole park to yourselves!

Amanda said...

Only the truly hearty Disney diehards were there for the chilliest temps in the morning. It got more crowded as the temps went up. We did get lucky though.

Vanessa S said...

Amanda, you do such a fantastic job of blogging your adventures. I feel like I'm there. Also, it's getting me super-excited for our trip next month!

Amanda said...

Thanks Ladies, Vanessa you should join us in the blogging world.