Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disney World - Hollywood Studios

It doesn't matter where we are, how late they stay up, our girls have us up by 6:30 A.M. Being at Disney was no different. So after everyone was all bundled up for a 30 degree morning, we headed out to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

As soon as we walked in the gates the girls spotted Jo Jo and Annie from Little Einsteins.
Annie was the big draw. This is the first year they would happily get this close to the characters.

Joe & Laura waiting for Playhouse Disney to start. This was our first time seeing this since they had updated the characters. The girls had fun seeing Mickey and all of his friends.

The girls were comfortable all day thanks to about four layers on top, and two on bottom. Thank goodness for the good ole weather channel online. I had been watching it everyday to see what kind of weather we would have, and was surprised to see people walking around freezing being so ill prepared for the chilly temperatures. Joe said they probably just thought they were coming to Florida, the Sunshine State.

Laura jumped at the chance to see Chip and Dale. Leah had her fill of characters with Annie.

We borrowed a light weight double stroller from my friend, Jen, but the girls insisted they would rather walk the parks. The did remarkably well, only resorting to Daddy rides occasionally.
Laura got a quick hand shake in passing as Minnie was running to another meet and greet.
Checking out Mickey's footprints outside of the Great Movie Ride. The girls tried so many new things on this trip, and this was one of them. They enjoyed most of it except for the Alien segment, can't really blame them, who really wants a drooling Alien hanging over their head?
Something very exciting was a new ride for all four of us, The Toy Story Mania ride. We got fast passes for this one and headed back at our designated time. The attendant told us it was the most popular ride in all four of the parks and after we took our turn we all could see why. Everyone loved it, and both of the girls were talking about doing it on our next trip. I had to borrow some pictures because for some reason in all of the spinning and shooting I forgot to take pictures.

Both girls remembered the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground and couldn't wait to go back. They had a great time, and we were on our toes trying not to lose them in all of the ins and outs of this over sized playground.

Watching a parade go by.
We made time in our day to catch the Beauty and the Beast Show. Disney has done such a wonderful job of recreating the movie, and I would love to see one of their Broadway adaptations someday.
Something to entertain the kids while we wait for the show.
Laura would never know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, she bites right down!

We agreed to change our reservation at the Prime Time Cafe to the Sci-Fi Diner, and I'm so glad we did. The girls loved the whole experience of eating in the car and watching the movies on the big screen.
When we came out of the restaurant the chill had really set in, here are the girls and Joe completely bundled up!

The room keeper surprised us each night with a new arrangement of the girls' stuffed animals. On the first night they were all gathered on the bed, Ugh the monkey had remote in hand and they were all watching Hercules on the Disney Channel.
I had purchased some things for the girls prior to the trip, and gave them one of those gifts on this night. It was a Cinderella jewelry and crown set that I thought they would enjoy wearing to our Park 1900 Dinner on the last night. They had a good time playing dress-up.

Next up...Magic Kingdom

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