Thursday, February 12, 2009

Disney World - Epcot

We spent all of Friday at Epcot, and it had finally warmed up to be a beautiful day in Orlando. We were down to two layers.
A couple was nice enough to take this picture for us as we entered the park.
We went right to The Land and got our fast passes for Soarin. We took the little boat ride that teaches about new growing procedures that Epcot is investigating. The girls love that ride, and I'm always up for a nice relaxing boat ride in an environmentally controlled building. We had a delicious lunch while we waited for our fast pass time, and then it as time for Soarin. The girls were so excited about this ride. It was so cute when the chairs lifted off and the movie started it makes you feel like you are flying through the sky. The girls were trying to push the clouds out of their way. I think I watched their reactions as much as the giant screen in front of us.
After Soarin we made our way over to The Sea, where we enjoyed the Nemo ride and Turtle Talk with Crush. The voice behind crush is just one of the wittiest guys in the park, and he entertains the adults as much as the kids.

One of our local family friends were also at Disney over the same time we were. Sandi, Carlie's mom, and I both agreed it would be crazy to try and coordinate schedules to really meet, but guess who we saw as we walking towards the entrance to the countries? Here's a picture of Laura and her friend Carlie. We're going to miss them when they move. Good luck Guys!
Each country has a Kidcot stop, and here the girls are working on their Mexico masks. I think every Mom in the area had the same question, why in the world would Epcot furnish permanent Sharpie markers for a kid's craft? Well, as I looked at the back of the craft, I noticed a "Sponsored by Sharpie" notation, I guess that answers that question. Maybe they should have a chat with Crayola, they make fine, washable markers.
Laura with a sombrero she found in Mexico.

My girls LOVE their music and dancing!
Chilling in Africa.
The girls were very proud of their masks they had created in Mexico.
The spent about 15 minutes playing with all of the instruments in the baskets. I just found a comfy piece of concrete and sat down and listened to their performance.

They were so cute, they were in the middle of the walk way putting on their own little show.

All the excitement of Epcot pales in the comparison to discovering a wandering duck.

In front of China's pavilion. A beautiful sunset over the lake.

The girls with their spinning, fiber optic lit, Minnie's. They loved that they lit up, I liked that there was nothing that would get caught in their hair.
For dinner we went to Tutto Italia in Italy, expecting a delicious, relaxing meal. Five minutes after our order our food showed up, so I guess relaxing might not be the appropriate description. The food was pretty good, and the girls enjoyed their spaghetti as you can see by these pictures of Laura. I wasn't really encouraging these poor table manners, but come on, they are cute when you are a three year old little girl.
More fun with Minnie.

I can tell my girls are growing up, when they say they would rather go back to the hotel ( or Ho-n-tell, if you say it like Laura) than stay and watch fireworks. We never saw a full fireworks show at any of the parks. I guess the girls were worn out and would rather go back to the room and play with their toys. It worked just fine for Joe and I, because we were pretty worn out by the nighttime too. Here's Friday evenings stuffed animal design.
Dumbo checking out a brochure.
I liked the Mickey shaped towels, and she put the decapitated Ariel doll in the middle. I can't believe she found those tiny parts amongst all of the stuff in our room. She really did a good job.
Next Up...Animal Kingdom

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