Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disney World Arrival

Leah went to school in the morning so that she wouldn't have an extra absence. We all met up at home and ate a quick lunch before heading out for the 6 1/2 hour drive South. We brought the full arsenal of entertainment for the car, but the item that kept the girls' attention the longest was a $1 store Disney Princess window cling. The girls played with their little flat, plastic princesses for about an hour. It was fun listening to their stories as we drove along.

As we were driving down the Florida Turnpike, nearing our Disney World exit, we saw fireworks out the car window. What could be a better welcome than beautiful fireworks in the sky? The girls were so excited and I tried to focus on my driving and not the cool sparkles.

The welcome sign as you enter Disney Property.

A little closer, it's hard to get a clear shot when I'm blazing by. We were so ready to be there and get off of the road.

We stayed at the Coronado Springs Resort, and it was fabulous. As you approach the property you have to go through the guard gate, showing your ID and letting them know you have reservations. The girls just had the silly giggles and could not stop talking about the fireworks and how much fun they were going to have at Disney. The guard got a kick out of their enthusiasm and joined right in asking them questions about what they were going to see at Disney. At check-in I asked if we had gotten one of their newly refurbished rooms, she changed our room to make sure we received one. Awesome! In my travelling I have learned it never hurts to ask. As we left the lobby and drove around to our room, you have to go through a second gate where you insert your key, there the security guard popped on and said, "Goodnight Giggles!" We all about lost it laughing at him. How nice to take the extra time and remember families on their special trips.
The girls all cozy at the hotel.

Just a start, much more to come...


Pam said...

We stayed at the same place. nice spa :-)

Keeum said...

You have to get prints made and come make a Disney Scrapbook with me......
Looking forward to the next entry!

Amanda said...

You managed to squeeze in a trip to the spa on a Disney trip? I'll have to get your secret on that one. It was a really nice property, and I would like to visit again when it's a little warmer.

Amanda said...

Did you say get the prints made, and you'll make me a scrapbook? Oh, wait, my mistake! I'll get right on that after I finish Leah's first week of life in her scrapbook. :-)

Jen said...

I've been waiting for the blog update! What great memories you're creating for your kids. I still have wonderful childhood Disney memories of my own.

Kim, I don't think we're going to be able to lure Amanda into scrapbooking. After seeing the fabulous "blog book" she got for Christmas, I think she'd be re-creating the wheel.