Friday, February 13, 2009

Disney World - Animal Kingdom

Saturday was our last day at the parks, and we spent it at Animal Kingdom. Every time I come back to this park there is more to see and do. The girls knew the routine by now, so they each wanted their own maps to scope it out. Here they are checking out what they want to see first.
We went to the safari ride first, since it tends to get very crowded as the day goes on.
Check out this hippo, with all of his friends. Not sure what the vultures were waiting for, but he had quite the audience.
After just a few minutes on the truck, we were halted in our tracks. Our driver informed us that the baby giraffe had travelled into the path of a truck ahead of us, and they just had to wait until he moved. Now, I've grown up with horses, and I just thought I could move that thing. I know they try not to traumatize the animals, but couldn't you cluck to them a little and encourage them to move 15 feet or so?
There's the culprit now, the driver said that it was unusual for a calf of his age to still be nursing at 10 months of age. But I guess this little guy just thinks he rules the world, he can stop traffic at a Disney World Park, and then go get some fresh milk from Mom.
Thanks to the Lion King story, both girls knew this was an wildebeest. Of course Laura said, "Hey that's the animal that killed Simba's Daddy." I'm sure that's not what this animal would like to be known for but Disney is a pretty powerful knowledge source for the preschool set.

I think this is the most Rhinos I have ever seen at one time. They were just munching away at their hay like our horses would do.
This guy was just off the path, and we drove within feet of him as he was rubbing his horn on the tree.

After the safari we took the train over to Discovery Island where they have a great petting section for the kids. The goats and sheep are the most gentle animals and love to have the children pet and brush them.

If there's music to be made my girls will find the instruments.

The Tree of Life at the center of the park.
Waiting for the Lion King show at the end of the day.
We were close to the front in the Warthog section of the theatre and the girls had a great view.
Each singer takes one of the four sections of the theater, and we were the warthogs. Our lead performer came to Leah once to let her make the warthog sound into the microphone. Nearing the end of the show the dancer below came up to the girls and asked them to come join her in the parade. Laura jumped right up and ran over to the dancers, Leah took a second to think about it and when she was offered a shaker to march with she jumped and joined Laura.

Yet another creative display welcoming us home.
This time, our housekeeper outdid herself. She even had some of the animals set up in the bathroom. This bear was chilling on the potty, obviously just getting out of the shower with her towel on her head.
The girls opened the shower curtain and found a few more animals chillin in the tub.

Next Up...Dinner with Cinderella

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