Monday, February 9, 2009

End of January

These are a collage of photographs from the last few days in January, and I'm really just trying to get them on here before I jump ahead to our Disney trip.
These are the shirts the girls made. Leah was making hers in celebration of the 100th day of school. They each brought homemade t-shirts, decorated with 100 of anything. Leah chose heart shaped jewels and sequins, and specifically placed them on the shirt in a pattern of 10's. Laura had to get in on the act too, so she made a shirt with 10 on it. I tried to talk her into a flower, or a shape of some kind, but she had it in her mind that she wanted a shirt with "10" on it, so here is her creation. Leah's 100 shirt.
One night Laura put on a play incorporating her artwork from class and some of her stuffed dolls. She even found a backdrop to prop things up in.

On the weekend, Joe wanted to go to the track and get a run in, so we all joined him. They have a nice playground adjacent to the track that the girls have fun at.
Laura ran a full lap around the track with her Daddy.
I just love this picture, looking up at her Daddy.
Here I am playing with Leah on the playground. That's my kind of exercise.
I was surprised I could still swing up on the bars, and the girls were very impressed. It doesn't take much at their age.
Leah lost on of her front teeth that week also. The other one is just barely hanging in there and we expect to fall out soon.

Next up....Disney!

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Keeum said...

Oh I am impressed. The last time I tried to hang upside down by my legs I had to use my hands as support. You rock! Leah looks soooo cute with a missing tooth! Get busy on those Disney photos, please.....