Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sunday~Ramon's Party

We continued the weekend's festivities by celebrating Ramon's birthday at a local bowling alley on Sunday. The girls had already had a bowling warm-up at my Mom's birthday on the prior Thursday, so they were ready to go. Laura has a unique style, she tries to do the run up thing, but with her own twist. Leah stuck to the good ole' granny roll.
Clarissa with Laura The Birthday Boy, Ramon
Big Ramon lighting the candles on the cake with most of the kids waiting as patiently as 6 year olds can.

Laura practicing cracking the code. She really did get one of the lockers open, not sure if I want to encourage that skill.
Laura & Zachary finding a new use for the party hats.
I had to help Laura find some higher ground to watch Ramon open his presents.
Three sweet kids.
Each party favor bag came with a little car, and the girls were having fun zooming theirs back and forth across the kitchen. All until Leah's took a wrong turn and ended up under the refrigerator. Of course I helped get it out, but first things first, get the camera!
Surveying the situation:
Just how heavy is that refrigerator? We did get the car out, and I got a chance to clean up behind it too...bonus!

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