Sunday, February 1, 2009

Storytime with friends

We did our usual story time, with a twist. An old friend of mine, and by old, I mean I met her when she was about 9 years old, joined us with her boys. She is temporarily back in the area and it was so nice to get together and meet her boys. After story time we went to the park, but it was a pretty cold day, at least for this Florida wimp it was cold, so where do you go when it's cold outside? Why Dairy Queen of course! Patrick
Laura playing with Justin
As we were walking into Dairy Queen Cheryl commented how strange it seemed for us to be grown-ups with our own children. Being quite a few years senior to Cheryl, and remembering when her Dad brought her out to the barn for the first time, I agreed that it was odd, and that time has flown by. With the kid's meal at Dairy Queen you get a choice of three deserts. Cheryl chose the plain vanilla cone, thinking it would be the least messy. Here she is holding half of the cone after it broke into two pieces. She might be making a different choice next time.

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