Thursday, January 29, 2009


We had a busy weekend of friend's birthday parties. The girls were so excited to both be invited to both parties. They are getting to the age where they each have their own friends, but it is nice when one doesn't have to stay home. Saturday we went to Jessica's party. Leah and Jessica have been friends since their 2 year old pre-school class, so it's nice to share these special occasions. Here we are getting ready to head out the door. I often dress the girls alike, and yes I do think it's kind of cute, but more than that it makes it immensely more simple to spot my kids in a crowd. Slightly out of control, but having fun with their Daddy.
Going....Going... Gone!
Now we've got control again...for a little while at least. It was a Hello Kitty themed birthday, and Emily, Jessica's mom is so talented and always has such cute activities for the children. She had made kitty ear headbands for all of the girls and then she gave them little bows so they looked just like little Hello Kitty's.
I loved this picture, they look like they are having a great talk.
Here's the whole gang, aren't the ears the cutest?
After the party, two happy girls!

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