Monday, December 29, 2008

A weekend with the family.

Over the weekend we took advantage of the mild winter weather and headed out to the beach. The girls walked with my mom and Uncle Earl, and we all met up for a nice lunch. What could be better?
I love being at the right place at the right time, and catching moments like this. Just like any sisters they can fight like crazy, but then they play like the best of friends.

Laura has been bumping into things like crazy lately, and this is her Daddy consoling her after she bumped her head into the railing. Luckily she was fine, and found a new interest to make her happy again.
Leah loves sitting by her Granddaddy, whispering secrets here.

Laura is a little kissing machine, and she must feel her European ancestry, she always likes to kiss both cheeks.
We surprised my Dad with a late Birthday celebration, and the waitress brought him a slice of Key Lime Pie. I guess that's a beach restaurant's version of birthday cake. Laura wanted some of the "whooped cream".
A shot of our beautiful beaches.
After lunch the girls were thrilled to feed the seagulls.

I was just taking pictures, but some of those birds were convinced I had food. This is one of them staring me down.
Dad, the pigeon whisperer.
Leah's going to have to learn to keep her mouth closed when feeding the birds. See Mom's picture below.

Mom was blessed by the seagulls, not once, but twice!

Laura loves her Uncle Earl.
That night, we tried to make up for missing Dad's Birthday earlier in the week, and had a second celebration for him. As we were nearing the end of the song, Laura blew out the candle before Dad even got a chance.
She was very proud of herself.
Sunday night we tried out our new fire pit, and roasted marshmallows for some delicious smores. I had been thinking about this for so long, so I was so happy to find the perfect pit and start our fire. The girls really enjoyed the experience and I'm sure we'll have many good experiences around that fire pit.

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