Thursday, January 1, 2009

End of 2008- Going out with smiles

The last few days between the end of Christmas and New Year's, we all got a little fun time. I had a night out to dinner with some friends, Clarissa, myself, Jen & Vanessa. We had a good time chatting and watching our hibachi chef in action. The girls and I hit two parks in two days, that was a special thing that Leah needed to point out. It's amazing the difference a solid hour of running around a park can make in their whole behavior for the rest of the day. I also got some good parenting pointers while there, a friend that I ran into and fellow mom agreed, when your children are acting crazy or bickering make them take a lap around the yard, or have them sit on the couch and hold hands when they would rather be clobbering each other. Two very useful pieces of advice for the future I'm sure.
After about 15 minutes, every last child at the park was involved in an elaborate game with my girls. There was a swarm of about 10 or more kids running around the park pretending to be wild animals.
I'm a sucker for a beautiful sunset, and I can never quite capture it's beauty on camera, but I tried. I just ran outside my back door and snapped a couple.
The peach skies setting over my barn.
Hoping you had a wonderful 2008, and even better 2009!


Pam said...

I make mine kiss each other on the cheek. they get the giggles and forget about wanting to kill each other.

Jen said...

It was nice ending 2008 with a night out! You're doing an amazing job keeping up with your blog. Happy New Year!