Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve

We had a whirlwind of a day on Christmas Eve, it seemed like 24 hours just wasn't going to be enough. After a busy morning, we all got cleaned up and met my Mom and Uncle Earl at church for the children's service(My Dad was battling the stomach bug that had already made it's way through our house).
We have found this particular church service to be perfect for our girls, as they even provide the children with costumes, either sheppards or angels, and they get to participate throughout the entire service. The pastors present the Christmas Story using interactive stars and angels, and the kids get to come up front when there characters come into the story. Mom was the lucky chosen one, and both girls ended up on her lap.
Leading the angels up to the front of the church.

All of the children who helped put on the Christmas Story production.
After church, we drove over to my parents, and to the girls' delight they got to open their presents before dinner. They were thrilled and it was nice to have girls old enough to get their own presents. They enjoyed taking turns finding their names on the packages.

Laura got a special thrill out of delivering packages to the family.

Aunt Peggy was so sweet and made each girl their very own beautiful blanket.

Leah thought it was necessary to crawl under the tree like some special forces elf, to find the best presents.
Uncle Earl helping Laura open up one of her presents.

After all of the boxes were opened, Laura gravitated towards this completely plain, brown box as her favorite item of the night. Wouldn't you know it?
I like to peek out from behind the camera every once in a while to prove that I'm there too. We had a great night, and headed home as soon as we could so the kids could get ready for bed. They had to be asleep so Santa Claus could visit our house too!

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