Friday, December 26, 2008

The last of the Christmas Parties

We had a continuing stream of Christmas parties for the two weeks leading up to the big day, and these are the pictures from those events.
Laura going to the party at the story time at our local library.
Dance class, two parties, one for each girl.
Laura's teacher Pam looks on as the girls open their exchanged gifts.
Later in the day, Laura and I came back to watch Leah's class party.
Leah was thrilled with her gift, a tiny dog with his own clothes and travel bag.
Leah's school party day. Notice the garland headbands that I so skillfully "custom" fitted for each little angel.
Leah spotting the big guest for the day.
Santa, that man really is everywhere!
Telling him what she would like this year. She wrote several lists, and the last one she was very sure to point out to me that she wrote, "I would like..." and that she did not say " I want.." She was very proud of her progression in manners from telling him to bring certain items, to asking.
My little angel.
The last day of school before the Christmas Break. Mrs. G was helping the kids make their Gingerbread houses.
After we school we took her creation over to my parents, and the girls quickly devoured the candy.
Dad even helped, such a big kid!

How Hunter spent the week enjoying his brand new pillow.

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