Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Visitors Day at Dance Class

Every few months the dance studio invites the parents to come watch their children, and see what they have been learning. This was our very first time to see Laura in action. She is really enjoying the class, and her teacher Ms. Pam is very good with herding the little ones. They are already learning the ballet positions. Dad & Leah in the waiting room before Laura's class.
That girl of mine is flexible!
She loves this stretch, the banana boat, and does it all the time at home.
Classical Ballet or frog impersonation?
You go Ms. Pam, get those 3 year olds' attention!
Her true spirit shines through the bun and ballet outfit, notice the dirt on her knees from spinning on the floor when no one is watching.
Playing a game with Ms. Pam and the girls.
Coming back out to Tap.
Laura checking us out as we watch her performance.

High Five!
Leah's Turn
She has progressed so much in the last three years of classes. Ms. Katherine even called her out of the group to show how well she was performing. I was surprised that she didn't even hesitate to do it by herself, in front of about 20 girls, and at least that many parents watching.

Even as polished as she is, she can still be a little goofy.

Ms. Katherine at work.
Hands on your hips.

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Jen said...

How funny! What a variation of pictures of Leah both serious and silly. They both look adorable.