Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bring on the trophies!

Did someone say trophies? Those words can draw the kids faster than the ice cream man! I think that's why they play so hard all season, just to get those shiny trophies, with their very own names on them. Leah prizes those so much, and can't wait to put them in the cabinet at the end of each season. Here's Coach Kevin telling the kids how good they did throughout the season.
Kevin had a very thoughtful surprise for Joe. He presented him with a plaque that had the team picture on it, and it thanked him for helping coach.
Gabby and Jen were there to cheer on Gavin as he got his first soccer trophy.Dad came too, and the girls were thrilled as usual to see him.
Leah receiving her trophy.
Richelle helping Laura do her stretches.
Everyone was having fun at the monkey bars.

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Jen said...

It was a great season... although I admit I'm looking forward to a little break.
Joe was an awesome coach! Gavin used to refer to him as "Leah's Dad," but from now on I'm sure he'll always be "Coach Joe."
Thanks again, Joe for all your dedication!