Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Fall Wedding

Last Saturday, we were honored to be invited to our friends, Heather and Tony's wedding. The ceremony and reception were held on a mutual friend's property, and it was just a beautiful setting. We are all linked through our years of showing Quarter Horses, and I have known Heather, the bride, since she was maybe 9 years old. Her husband Tony, is also a horse guy, and I think they will make a perfect team.

Heather with her father, Fain.

The girls loved the dance floor.

My girls with Peyton, the daughter of my good friend Veronica, and another girl who was one of the many kids they made fast friends with.

Peyton, little Miss Flower Girl, and Leah
Peyton, Laura and Leah
The Rice's property consists of 88 acres and has 14 lakes, and you felt like you were in the mountains of Tennessee, instead of the Florida panhandle. The kids would have stayed there all night. They spent a lot of time seeing who could throw acorns the farthest on the meadow behind the house, dancing on the checker board dance floor and playing in the hay trailer. As the sun went down, all of the trees sparkled with tiny white lights that had been strung throughout the property. What a beautiful night.

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Jen said...

Those mathching dresses are just too cute. What a cool wedding!