Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Pilgrim and Indian

Leah and her classmates donned a pilgrim's hat and collar for lunch this week. They all looked so cute and had fun getting dressed as Pilgrims. Joe and I had a parent/teacher conference so we were able to pop in the lunch room and say hi to our little pilgrim.On Friday Laura's class joined in on the Preschool Thanksgiving Production. Each class gets to sing a couple of songs that are choreographed by our wonderful music teachers.
Laura with her friend Vivian before the show.
Practicing her best Indian call, I know very politically incorrect, but so cute when it's done by a three year old.
Just a few girls chatting before the big performance.
The whole class with their wonderful teacher.
Dad with Leah getting ready to watch the show.
Laura was so excited to see us all in the audience. We even checked Leah out of school so she could come support her sister. Laura was giddy and waving at each one of us.

We had a post-show celebration at Denny's. Notice the Christmas tree in the background, on November 21st. I hope you have a relaxed Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends.

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