Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas in November

Saturday afternoon I rounded up the girls, along with a couple other families, and we all met out at a local shopping center. It was a very cold November evening, and that put us right in the mood to enjoy all of the Christmas decorations and the two visits with Santa Claus. We saw Madagascar 2, and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

The first Santa visit.

This is Zachary, Laura, Gavin & Leah. We were walking right behind them, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the wonderful childhood discussions they were having the whole way.
This is at one of the large outdoor sports stores, and they went all out for Christmas. This is most of the gang, minus Laura, peering into the fish tank.
This is from the other side.
Gavin, Laura and Leah in the bubble viewing window.
My poor Florida girls, this may be the closest they get to a snowman this year.
Does this picture say Redneck Christmas, or what? My little darling with her air rifle.
Visiting with the 2nd Santa. Leah was concerned that she didn't tell the 1st Santa what was on her list, so she cleared that all up with this one.

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Jen said...

Great pictures and it was a lot of fun. I guess I should get caught up on my blog too.