Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bouncin' Time

Friday was a very busy day, and it ended at a soccer friend's birthday party at the local bounce place. We decided to take the whole family and just a make a big night of it. Laura was so excited to find out she could go too.
It was tempting, but we did let them out after a while.
Leah with Elishah and Laura.
I seem to be accumulating a lot of pictures of the girls with some sort of cake or cupcake smeared on their big smiles. It must just go hand in hand with being a child.
When all of the kids were in the birthday room, Laura took advantage of the empty place and asked me to bounce with her. Since I didn't have much of an audience I agreed. Joe did get several videos and I will have to remember that he has that blackmail material down the road.

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