Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hey Girl! Were you raised in a barn?

When someone says to Laura, "What's the matter with you, do you think you were raised in a barn?", I hope she will proudly say YES! As a matter of fact I was. Here are a few pictures from a couple of days last week. Our Florida days bottomed out in the 40's, but were in the 70's during the day, which means I play musical blankets with the horses.
A special thank you to Kim & Savannah for sharing this cute outfit, and some pj's and sparkly pink shoes with Laura. We have loved all of them. She even requested the pj's two nights in a row, kids don't understand that clothes don't magically clean themselves and float back in her drawers for the next time. I know it probably took me years to figure that out.

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Keeum said...

I'm so glad she liked everything and she looks adorable in the outfit! I love the photo of teeny, little Laura next to the great big horse. Posing with the family pet! Savannah thinks yours are the luckiest girls in the world because they have horses in their back yard.