Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Halloween Playdate

The girls were thrilled when we got a surprise call from Ms. Emily inviting them over for a playdate. Her daughter, Jessica, has been a friend of Leah's since our first year at preschool, when we were fortunate enough to be in Ms. Dawn's class. Here they are as 3 year olds during the Halloween parade. Jessica sitting in the red sweater, and Leah wearing her bird outfit. She just had to be the baby bluebird from Dora. It took me weeks to even understand what she was requesting, she kept saying something about Dora and "Four Five Four". It wasn't until I had her go and show me what she was talking about, it was Dora, and the show was called "Por Favor". Made perfect sense, if I could just understand! So cute to look back at these.

Emily always has such fun, creative things for the kids to do. She had several edible activities, including making ghost pops with melted chocolate, and dipping marshmallows into green melted chocolate to make Frankenstein pops, decorating and eating cupcakes and they got to decorate their own treat bags.
Emily stirring the chocolate while Eli and Jaden look on.
Leah playing with Jessica's little brother Jonathan.
He didn't get left out of anything, he was right up there with the big kids ready to decorate but more importantly eat the cupcakes.
Eli was a willing subject for this picture taking mom.
Emily helping Will decorate his cupcake.

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