Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Weekend Wrap-up

Last Friday brought the grand finale of Halloween, the real trick-or-treating! We were lucky enough to have two families join us. We had Savannah and Ramon, who was a very brave boy to hang out with all these girls.
Laura was actually starting to throw a fit in this picture, but it turned out to be a really neat shot.Dad & Mom stayed on the porch to hand out candy to all of their trick-or-treaters. Heading off into the sunset, you can see Ramon's mom, Clarissa leading the kids as they skip on down the street.
One of the neighbors listening patiently as the kids tell her what they are for Halloween.
Posing, we have Iron Man, Princess with fairy wings, Dorothy, and a witch, without her hat.
Ringing the bell, don't they look like they've been shrunk next to those huge pumpkins?
This bench with the statue were at the same house, and Laura couldn't resist sitting with it.
Savannah with Kim.
Me and my girls.
Saturday we had another soccer game.
Here is Elijah running with the team. She's one of only two girls on the team.
Daddy Coach with Leah.
Richelle was so sweet to play with Laura, she even carried her on her back all the way back from the playground, which was quite a herculean effort.
Saturday afternoon we went to one of the local Gymnastics facilities for a friend's birthday. Here is Vivian with her cake.
Carly and Laura balancing.
Gabby, Laura and Tucker
Laura loves to play with little Gabby.
Laura, Zachary and the birthday girl, Vivian.

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Keeum said...

We sure had fun trick-or-treating with you. Savannah declared it "the best Halloween ever!" Thanks for inviting us. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed a few of your wonderful pictures from here. All my shots came out fuzzy - guess I had the lighting set incorrectly on my camera. Good thing you got wonderful photos!