Sunday, November 9, 2008

A day at the fair

Last Sunday was the last day of the fair, and they girls have been asking to go ever since they saw the first billboard advertising it's return. I did love the fair as a teenager, even going on all the rides that now, just looking at them can turn me green. I can't believe I used to go on those loop-de-loop, upside down, spin you around kind of rides, over and over. No wonder my brain feels scrambled these days.

Taking the girls is a different affair than the good ole days. We walk by the rides, and they each take turns saying which ride looks fun, and which ride looks scary. And as I walk through the midway as a parent, I scan the rides and wonder which ones were put together correctly, and Joe and I compare notes on which ones have been recalled or have shown up in the news. The girls had a great time, and even got to take in a circus show and came home with coloring books and cotton candy. Riding the Fair's version of the Dumbo ride.
Leah and Daddy take their turns on the giant slide.

We all enjoyed the fun house.

Seeing the girls old enough to ride by themselves reminds me how fast they are growing up.
I squeezed into the kiddie bumper cars with Laura, and Leah was big enough to drive her own.

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