Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We made our second annual trek to the Pumpkin Patch to let the girls pick out their favorite pumpkins. Living in Florida, we try to wait until the week before Halloween to buy our pumpkins. Luckilly we are having a nice, cool week, but last year it was so warm I had to spray the pumpkin with Off to keep the bugs away. And by the way, I'm not so sure Off and a lit candle are a great combination.
The girls had a blast in the bounce house, and only came out when they said they had to deflate it.

A big thank-you to our cousin Vicki for these adorable Jumpers.
Laura couldn't wait to have her face painted.
We had such a fun night together, and the girls were just wonderful. They even lasted through a dinner at Ruby Tuesday's following the pumpkin patch.

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