Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Family Visit Sunday

My cousin Julia came over to visit with her husband Chad, and their three beautiful children, Marco, Isabel and the baby Luisa. I was thrilled especially to get to visit with Luisa, as it was our first time seeing her. The kids had a great time playing and we had time to catch up on each other's lives.
Joe & Luisa Isabel & Laura checking out the fountain, and trying to touch the fish.
Mom had pumpkins that they each decorated with their own style.
Laura even allowed Isabel to help accessorize hers, without any shrieking of protest at all. That girl of mine is growing up.
She was actually happy with the additional artwork.
Marco working on his creation.

Laura playing peek-a-boo with Luisa.
Isabel & Laura played dress-up. And then being the true princess fairies that they are, they hopped on the scooters and raced around the house.

Worn out, and taking a break in my parents' room. Nothing better than a comfy bed and a good video for some tired kids.

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