Saturday, October 11, 2008

A fun week of soccer

I've got a myriad of soccer pictures from practices and our game this week. On Wednesday we had a our team pictures taken, so everyone was to come in full uniform. I didn't want Laura to feel completely left out so I dressed her in one of our old uniforms. She was thrilled! We included Gavin in our clan headed to the soccer fields, and here they all are on the way to the fields.

Friday's Practice

Laura & Zachary had a good time on the playground while big brother and sister were practicing.
Game Time-Saturday

Here's our team ringer, Coltin.
Good game!

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Jen said...

Reading your blog almost made me feel like I was there even though I couldn't be. I love the pigtail pictures of the girls.
Thank you so much Joe and Amanda for getting Gavin to and from soccer practice on Wednesday. You guys are so good to us!