Monday, August 25, 2008

Waiting on Fay

We were warned, even highlighted on the Weather Channel, and that usually is a bad sign when it comes to storms. This time however, we were lucky, Fay went right around us for the most part. Since I have grown up in this area, I have come to appreciate the beauty of a good storm. Once I was sure the really bad weather wasn't coming our way, we headed out to the beach for lunch on Saturday, hoping to see some big waves. This storm was coming in the wrong direction to produce big waves, but we still had a nice time.
Mom helping the kids break the rules, feeding the little birds on the deck. They would prefer you not do this, but the kids do love to see them.

I finally put a stop to the bird feeding inside the restaurant, and promised we could feed the seagulls after lunch. I took leftovers down to the beach and we were immediately swarmed by a flock of seagulls.

Sunday, it was a beautiful day, and we just ended up staying around the house. The girls had a short dress-up session, which included some art time and dancing.

After that, we all headed out to the backyard to enjoy the breezy weather. It was just about a perfect afternoon.
Laura kept hanging upside down, I told her she was going to have to wear a helmet if she kept it up.
"MONSTER", Daddy play monster! They love to have their Daddy chase them around the playhouse and play monster. The scarier the better.

Dog Days of Summer.

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Flo said...

I agree with you about 'the beauty of a good storm'. However, the ocean would be quite a drive....but what a scene you guys probably have on those perfect almost-stormy days!